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(unless there are circumstances beyond our control)


This is an extremely unusual time for all of us and we are faced with many obstacles. However, the Board of Directors is committed to giving the kids of Doña Ana County an opportunity to exhibit the projects that they have worked so hard on. Due to the generosity of Landmark Mercantile, the show will go on. Thank you Landmark!


There will be many changes to the show this year but we are proud to announce that the Doña Ana County 4-H and FFA EXPO will be held at Landmark Mercantile, July 26th – August 1st. Buckles and ribbons will be awarded, monetary prizes will be awarded if funds are available.



Check in time is one hour before the show and showmanship classes will follow show classes.

Sunday, July 26         Horse Show

Thursday, July 30      Goats @ 7:00am 

                                   Steers/ Beef heifers @ 8:00pm

Friday, July 31          Sheep @ 7:00am

                                  Dairy Heifers @ 5:30pm

Saturday, August 1   Swine @ 7:00am 

                                  Poultry @ 8:00am

Achievement Day will be hosted that week on a drop off basis. Details will be sent out soon from the County Extension Office.

Rabbit show will be virtual show due to concerns regarding Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Serotype 2 (RHDV2).

Shooting Sports events are postponed and will be scheduled at a later date if possible.


Self-Sufficient Show Conditions

Due to time constraints, heat constraints and facility constraints, all livestock exhibitors will need to be prepared to show directly out of their trailers. 

Please arrive with your animals washed, groomed and prepared to show. There will be limited time and facilities to do much more than touch ups before the show.   

Poultry exhibitors should bring their own feed, water bowls and carriers/cages.


Other animal exhibitors will bring all of their own equipment, generators, water, feed, shade, etc. Holding pens and wash-racks are available on a very limited basis (in other words, don't count on this). Come prepared to be self-sufficient and ready to show out of your trailer. 

We are going to need everybody help and cooperation to make this show happen. Thanks in advance.

Weights and Classifications

Swine, sheep and goat exhibitors will declare weights the night before the show and classes will be prepared with those weights. Winning animals will be weighed immediately after the show and cannot exceed more than 5% of declared weight. Any animal that weighs more than 5% over the declared weight will be automatically disqualified. Please be conservative when declaring weights.


Steers and heifers are classified by hip height and will not be weighed.

Premium Book & Registration

We are currently working to update the premium book with these changes. Additionally, we are working with FairEntry to open registration as soon as possible. Please stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for updates. 

We appreciate your understanding as we adapt to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. We’re thankful to Landmark Mercantile for providing a venue for our youth to show their animals. Stay tuned to our website for the premium book and for registration details.

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